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Sources of Fab.com 4 Million Monthly Visits

Tomorrow, November 9, 2011 marks the 5 month anniversary since we opened our shop doors here at Fab.com.  To mark this milestone, we’ll be releasing a series of data about the business over the next week.

First up: Source of visits.

We are now seeing 4 million monthly visits to Fab.com, and growing week by week.

Where do the visitors come from?

  • Nearly 5 out of every 10 visits come from our daily emails to our members.
  • Another 3 out of 10 come from direct visits to www.fab.com. This is a combination of existing members and new people learning about us via word-of-mouth and PR and such.

  • Facebook is the largest social source, driving 1 out of every 10 visits. 

  • What’s new here?  The rise of Pinterest. Still small compared to our largest sources, but growing fast. 
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