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New! Introducing the Fab Live Feed

Today’s an exciting day here at Fab.  

Last night we shipped an alltime record number of orders.  And we’ve got tens of thousands of items going out the door in the next days — in time for the holidays.

We’re also thrilled to be launching the Fab Live Feed today.

We invite you to Shop Social with the Fab.com Live Feed.  Now, you can easily check out what other Fab.com members are buying, liking, tweeting and sharing - LIVE!

It’s the new and fun way to discover and share your favorite design finds.

We’re going to take social shopping to the extreme.  This is just the start. We envision that Fab users will be able to easily and quickly discover what other people are buying, what’s popular, what’s being most discussed — all in realtime as it happens.  And, we’re hopeful that this will increase engagement on Fab even further and explode sharing on/off Fab, even more than we already see today.  

Today, just 6 months since launching, we already have 1.4M members, over half of which have come via social sharing.  Now, we go the next step to make shopping social like never before.

Check out the video!

Fab - Live Feed Feature from Fab on Vimeo.

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