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Fab Launches New Social Shopping App for Facebook Timeline

With 1.8 million members (more than doubling in the last 3 months), Fab is rapidly emerging as the world’s #1 website for design.

Fab.com is also the leading innovator in converging social and commerce.

Today we are upping the ante with our latest innovation: Social Shopping.

Fab’s new Social Shopping features enable Fab members to more easily share the products they are buying with their friends on their Facebook Timeline and with other Fab members on the Fab.com Live Feed. 

Here’s how it works.

First, it’s entirely opt-in. Fab Members can decide for themselves if they want to participate in Social Shopping. If they do, we’ve got a little reward for them as they can earn $10/month in Free Credits just for enabling Social Shopping. That’s our little way of saying thanks for sharing!

Social Shopping can be activated from the Fab Live Feed. There, at the top of the page, members will see the Activate Social Shopping button.

Clicking the Activate Social Shopping button opens a fly-down window that explains the Social Shopping Options: 

There are currently two Social Shopping Options on Fab.com:

1. Add your Fab purchases to your Facebook Timeline. Fab is thrilled to be among the first to launch a timeline app. To get started you can opt-in on Fab to add the app to Facebook Timeline, and your future purchases will be shared on your Timeline, and you’ll be able to discover the items most popular among your friends through the Facebook News Feed and ticker.

Now, we know that Fab members may not want to share every purchase on their Timeline. To start we have created a few simple preferences: 

Fab members can choose to opt-in to share “adult” product purchases and gifts for other people. By default both of these options are off.

You can also always edit your settings from your Application Settings Page on Facebook, or can remove specific activity directly from Timeline or from your personal Activity Log on Facebook.

Once the user adds the app to Timeline, their Fab purchases will then appear as activity happens, as shown here. 


2. The second Social Shopping option is to enable other Fab members to see your username when you buy something on Fab.

When a user does not have this feature enabled, their purchases appear anonymously to other Fab users, like this: 

Once social shopping is enabled, the user’s name is shared with others, and it looks like this:

Clicking through on the Fab Member’s username then shows that user’s Fab Profile which displays all of the items the member has purchased, faved, or added to the Fab Inspiration Wall.

Today’s Social Shopping launch is just the start. We’ll be continuing to forge ahead and innovating at the intersection of social and commerce. Expect more and easier ways to share and discover great design products with your friends and the Fab community.

Get Social Shopping on Fab now!

Smile, you’re designed to.

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