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Fab Celebrates 2 Million Members With Major New Browsing Innovations, Open Membership, & International Expansion Plans

Any day now Fab will surpass 2 million members. We’ve added more than 400,000 new members in the past 30 days and doubled our membership since November.

We’re so excited about it that we’ve decided to celebrate today with a series of new features and announcements designed to make great design discoverable and attainable by even more people.

1. Introducing Fab Shops.  

One of the most interesting user experience challenges of running a flash sales website is layering on more products and sales without diminishing the browsing experience. We have ambitions to grow from 3500 products live on Fab at a time to tens of thousands, but without losing the excitement and discovery that Fab has become known for.

Today we are launching Fab Shops, a unique new browsing innovation that enables Fab members to visually browse Fab products by “shops” organized around product categories.


At the top of the Fab main sales page users will now find a new section, Featured Shops. Here, users can visually browse all of the products currently live on Fab by shop categories. The items in the shops change daily as new sales go live or expire.

We’re launching today with more than 20 shops:

In addition, users can now browse all the products on Fab by shop, color, and price.

And then, also sort within a shop by price, best selling, and most faved.

This is just the start. We’ll be expanding to 10,000+ SKU’s on Fab immediately and introducing even more innovative ways to browse and discover them.  iPhone, iPad, and Android version of Fab Shops will launch in the next few days as well.

2. As of today, Fab.com is now open for anyone to join.  No more waiting list. No more invitation only. Come one, come all.  We believe that design should be approachable and affordable for everyone. 

3. International Design Lovers, Here We Come!

One of the loudest requests we’ve heard from our users is for Fab to start selling and delivering our design inspirations outside the U.S.

-We’ll be launching in Canada in days, not weeks.

-We’ll be in Europe very soon. Bradford and I were in Berlin, Brussels, and Paris last week laying the plans and putting the teams together. Expect more news on this very soon.

Smile, you’re designed to.