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Fab Acquires Casacanda and Launches as Fab.de Serving Germany, Austria, & Switzerland

Fab today took a big step towards our mission of being the world’s most valuable design resource.

Fab has acquired Casacanda, the #1 flash sales website for design objects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  

Casacanda, based in Berlin Germany, relaunches today as Fab.de with 250,000 members, growing by 90,000 in the last 30 days alone.  That brings Fab’s worldwide membership to more than 2.4 million members, all of whom have joined Fab or Casacanda in the last 8 months.

We’re thrilled to welcome Casacanda’s 45 team members to team Fab. 

Here’s a little background on why we’re making this move. 

In the U.S. we’ve seen massive growth, growing to more than 2 million members in just our first 8 months and selling nearly a million products during that time with ever-growing demand. Heck, we’ve added more than 700,000 members since January 1, 2012. We really do believe that this is nothing short of a movement; more than 1 million people have joined Fab in the U.S. from social sharing. That doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by making people smile. We make people smile and they pass it on. And, in the age of social media, they pass it along around the world with no borders. 

Our ambition from the very beginning has been to establish Fab as the most valuable global resource for design. Good design is not just an American thing. It’s a global passion. Good design is made in every country, in every category and at every price point. We believe that people all over the globe benefit from having good design in their lives. 

As early as October 2011 when we were just 5 months old, we began thinking and strategizing about which markets we would bring the Fab model to next. We quickly honed in on Germany, and Berlin in particular, as being the first major Fab center outside of the U.S.  It’s a natural first-choice; the German economy is strong, Berlin is an awesome startup hub, and the German people have deep rooted passion for design and the types of products we sell on Fab. In fact, the stuff we sell every day on Fab drives a lot of inspiration from German design and many of the Fab products are very similar to what you might find in the boutiques and shops of German cities such as Cologne, Stuttgart, Hamburg, and Berlin. 

We did a study of the German market in October and November and went through a decision process of whether to build or acquire. In early December we took a trip to Berlin and met with a few potential partners to explore launching Fab in Germany.  Of all the teams and people we met with in Berlin, we were far and away most impressed with the founders and team at Casacanda. We returned to Berlin in January and spent even more time with Casacanda to figure out if it was a good match. It was, and then some. Casacanda’s CEO, Roman Kirsch, is a true superstar. That guy is so impressive that I immediately wanted him on team Fab. Watch out for Roman. His future is boundless and he will do amazing things for Fab in Germany and well beyond for years to come. His partners, Sascha Weiler (technology) and Christian Tiessen (merchandising) are also impressive leaders in their domains.  What struck us most is that they think like Fab, and they have Fab-sized ambitions to create the world’s #1 design resource. The more Bradford and I met with them the more we became convinced that the best way to launch Fab in Germany was with them. 

And then, there’s also the results they have produced. As I noted, Casacanda has already grown to more than 250,000 members since launching in just September of 2011, growing by 90,000 in the last 30 days. They’ve also signed up an impressive roster of design partners on-par with Fab’s partners in the U.S. And, they’re delivering thousands of smiles to peoples homes throughout Germany, at a rate of 15,000 orders per month right now, growing by 200% month/month.

With this acquisition as the first springboard, we believe that Fab can generate at least 10 to 20% of our overall revenue from international this year. 

With this acquisition Fab, today, now has nearly 200 team members worldwide. We’ve come a long way from 4 of us working out of my apartment at this time last year. 

Here’s what this means for customers.

  • Fab.de launches today. It is live now.

  • Casacanda will be redirecting to fab.de and will have Fab’s design and branding.  

  • Initially Fab.de will be in German-language only. Soon, we will also offer Fab.de in English. Later we will also expand to more countries in Europe and beyond the Fab.de url.

We’re already working together as one global team and we’re currently working with our design partners to sell globally. This includes bringing brands and products we’ve sold in the US to Germany and vice versa as well as sourcing global products to be sold both in the US and in Germany, and then in even more countries

In addition to leveraging scale on buying we’ll also be leveraging scale on logistics and technology and the Fab.de team will soon be on Fab’s entire technology platform which is known for its clean design, exceptional mobile apps and social sharing innovations. 

All this means we’ll enable consumers to turn to Fab for more and more great design products, at the best prices, delivered rapidly, sourced from all over the globe.

Ultimately we plan to enable anyone anywhere to go to Fab.com and see an amazing selection of design products available to them, sourced globally, available locally. That’s our big vision. 

We’re thrilled to be taking this giant step today.

Casacanda wird Teil von Fab. And we couldn’t be happier nor more excited about it.

Smile, you’re designed to. 

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