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Fab Presents Madonna: Smile, you’re designed to dance.

When Madonna’s team started talking to us about the idea of helping launch Madonna’s new album MDNA on Fab, we were ummmm in awe.

At Fab, we strive to offer our members unique access to great designers and artists, both emerging and iconic.

We’re thrilled and humbled to now include Madonna among them. Our Fab members have done so much for us the past 9 months, spreading the word about our products to the tune of 3 million people joining Fab, 50% from social media.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of our members, we’ve sold more than 1 million products already and we’re hands-down the leading innovator at the intersection of commerce, content, and social. And, we’re still just getting started.

Today, Fab is featuring Madonna’s fabulous new album MDNA at $7.99, 47% off retail, as a big thank you kiss to our members for helping us get so far, so quickly.

Smile, you’re designed to dance.

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