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Thanks for a Fab start to 2012 - Fab Reports (some) Q1 Numbers

By all measures Fab just wrapped up a phenomenal first quarter of 2012.

We’re truly humbled by the movement that has grown behind Fab and the products we offer. It’s nothing short of incredible and rare to see so many people so passionate and excited about an e-commerce site. We’re genuinely in awe of it. Our members and our design partners continue to amaze us each day. You are proving to the world that everyone everywhere benefits from great design.

Just 10 months since we launched, Fab is the marketplace for discovering everyday design. We owe our initial traction to staying true to our mission: Our mission is to make our customers, partners, and employees smile. 

Smile, you’re designed to.

Here’s what happened on Fab in Q1 2012 (Video from Bloomberg can be found here):

  • Our global membership grew from 1.5 million at end of 2011 to 3.25M, up 117%.

  • We acquired Casacanda and relaunched it as Fab.de in Germany and Austria. Fab.de  now has 500,000 members (up from 200,000 when we closed the acquisition in Feb) and is hitting more than $1M in sales per month already, and is growing like crazy.

  • We are now hitting $300,000 sales days in the U.S.

  • Our members placed 25% more orders in Q1 than in Q4 of 2011 which included the holidays.
 The chart immediately below shows our orders by month in the U.S. only.

We are now getting 40% of our daily visits via mobile. Mobile users also purchase faster and more often. iPad users in particular convert to purchasers 3 times faster than web users.

We accelerated our Facebook efforts, collaborating with them on Timeline Actions to great results.

  • Our members have now placed more than 1.2 million orders = 2.78 orders every minute.

  • Our members have discovered and purchased 100,000 pieces of art.
  • Our members have discovered and purchased 100,000 pieces of clothing.

  • Our members have discovered and purchased 100,000 pieces of jewelry.

  • Our members have discovered and purchased 75,000 kitchen products.

  • Our members have discovered and purchased 75,000 tabletop products.

  • Our members have discovered and purchased 50,000 kids products.

  • Our members have discovered and purchased 50,000 pets products.

And, we’re just getting started.

We’re also creating many, many jobs in New York, Berlin, Pune, and soon many other parts of the world. Last year at this time Fab had 5 employees in New York and 30 team members worldwide. Today we are 250 people worldwide.

And, yes, we’re just getting started. Expect Fab to evolve faster than ever over the next few months as we make enhancements and improvements designed to wow our members and make them smile.

Smile, you’re designed to.

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