Fab Expands Across Europe - Now Serving 16 Countries

Design is a universal language. It’s a lifestyle. Great design exists in every country and in every region of the world. An essential part of our vision is to help people everywhere benefit from great design.

Fab launched as fab.de in Germany and Austria in February 2012 and we’ve been growing really fast ever since.

  • In April fab.de customers made 17,400 design purchases from Fab, up from 7,000 in February. That’s on top of 100K+ orders/month in the U.S. 
  • We now have 600,000 Fab members in Europe, up from 115,000 at the beginning of February. That brings our worldwide total to nearly 4 million.
  • And, we’re just getting started. Today, we enter phase II of Fab’s European rollout.

    Graph: Fab.de Orders by Month 


Starting today, Fab will be available in 13 more European countries - in English language - in addition to Germany and Austria.  That makes 16 total Fab countries including the U.S.


So what does this mean?

  1. As of today, people from the UK, France, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic and Estonia can now discover and buy everyday designs from Fab in English. Just go to Fab.de, create an account and we will ship it to you!

  2. Sweden, Poland and Cyprus are following as soon as of next week

  3. We will be making strategic investments in the coming weeks to spread Fab even further across Europe, in more languages and with even more local products.

Smile, you’re designed to - all across Europe.

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