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Happy Fabiversary - 1 Year of Fab

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Fab.

What an incredibly rewarding and humbling year it has been.

We launched on June 9, 2011 with tons of passion and hope that we could build the global brand that is synonymous with design for decades and decades to come. We started a year ago with some simple but powerful core beliefs:

  • We believe that everyone everywhere benefits from great design. 
  • We believe that great design exists at every price point and in every category. 
  • We believe that everyone needs more color in their life. 
  • We believe that behind every great design there’s an even greater story.
  • We believe that we are building a team designed for success.
  • We believe that Fab has the potential to be the world’s greatest design resource.
  • We believe that we have a special opportunity to build a brand for the decades. 
  • We believe that customers and partners come first, making money comes second. We care less about making money on each transaction and more about making people smile over the long term. If we make people smile, we’ll make plenty of money over time.
  • We believe that we have a Fab opportunity to be the world’s leading innovator in social commerce.
  • We really do believe in making people smile. Smile, you’re designed to. Duh.

As we embarked on this amazing journey this past year, we never for a second thought that we couldn’t build something big and meaningful. But, we really had no idea if it was possible.

To be honest, we’ve been so busy focusing on making our customers smile through our normal everyday operations that we forgot to plan any big anniversary celebration. (ooops!)

Instead, as we have always done, here’s a transparent look into year 1 of Fab by the numbers. Here’s just some of what we accomplished in year 1 of Fab:

  • Fab’s customers purchased 1.8M products this past year. That’s 3.43 products per minute.

  • We now have 4.75M Fab members. To put that in perspective, it took us 4 months to get to 1 million. We had 1.5M at the end of 2011. 50% of Fab’s members have come via social sharing.

  • 30% to 40% of Fab’s daily visits are now via mobile.

  • Fab is now selling in 20 countries.
  • Fab has now worked with more than 5000 design partners.

  • fab now has more 360 team members worldwide.

And, we’re just getting started.

Thank you to all of our partners, customers, and Fab team members who supported us this year. We love you.

Year 1 was fantastic. It was Fabsome. But it’s really just the very beginning.  

Smile, you’re designed to.

Fab exists for one simple reason: To make you smile.

Every day we set out to delight youinspire you, make you laugh, and give you something to look forward to. We strive to provide the best designed website and apps, selling the best designed products, delivered with the best designed service. We want you to literally LOVE your every interaction with Fab.

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