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Fab Celebrates Its 1 Year Anniversary By Acquiring Llustre & Launches in The United Kingdom

Since launching in June of 2011 we have worked hard to establish Fab as the world’s design marketplace.

Fab exists for one simple reason: To make you smile. Every day we set out to delight you, inspire you, make you laugh, and give you something to look forward to. We strive to provide the best designed website and apps, selling the best designed products, delivered with the best designed service. We want you to literally LOVE your every interaction with Fab.

What a year it has been. More than 5 million people in 20 countries now turn to Fab for everyday design inspirations and sales. We’ve led the world in social commerce which drives 50% of our signups, and mobile commerce which now amounts to 35% of our daily visits. We’ve developed deep relationships with more than 5,000 designers.  We’ve sold design items across all categories and at all price points, from $1 to $20,000. In fact, Fab’s customers purchased 1.8M products this past year. That’s 3.43 products per minute. And, yet, we’re still just getting started.

Today we’re thrilled to announce that Fab is formally launching in the UK and opening our UK offices with the acquisition of Llustre. This is Fab’s 3rd acquisition, having previously acquired Casacanda in Germany to jumpstart our Continental European operations and Fashionstake in the U.S. to launch our independent fashion vertical.

Since launching in April 2012, Llustre has rapidly proven that it has what it takes to be the UK leader in online design sales and inspiration. Llustre’s founders Tracy Doree and Vivienne Bearman have assembled a team of 25 of the most design-passionate individuals we’ve come across anywhere in the world. More than 500 leading design partners are already working with Llustre and their website is nothing short of brilliant. And, the results speak for themselves. Membership and orders have tripled in the past 5 weeks as the word has spread about Llustre’s sales with the likes of Plumen, Normann Copenhagen, Anglepoise, Texidors, Stelton, La Lampe Gras, Falcon Enamelware, 

CIA, The Future Mapping Company, Naomi Paul, Black+Blum, Hoganas, and Iittala — most of whom have also been on Fab. 

Llustre is relaunching today as Fab UK, found at http://uk.fab.com. People visiting Fab.com from the UK will also be routed to our new UK site. In the coming months we’ll also transition Fab UK onto Fab’s technology, social features, and mobile apps.

We’re also excited to announce that Maria Molland, whom I’ve known since 2008, and who previously ran global businesses and new ventures for Thomson Reuters, will take on the expanded role of Chief European Officer for Fab. Maria joined Fab earlier this year and she has been spearheading our international growth strategy. Tracy Doree from Llustre will work for Maria as Managing Director of Fab UK and head of UK Merchandising, while Tracy’s co-Founder Vivienne Bearman will lead our UK Product & Operations teams. Roman Kirsch continues on as Managing Director of Fab in Continental Europe. Under Roman’s leadership our team in Continental Europe has grown from 30 to 85 people during the past four months while Fab’s membership in Europe has grown to more than 1 million members from 0 at the beginning of the year. While Fab Europe launched in Germany in February, 25% of our European sales are already outside of Germany. In total we expect Europe to contribute about 20% of Fab’s total sales in 2012.

As we’ve said many times, we believe that everyone everywhere benefits from great design. We have a big big vision to bring Fab to every part of the world. A year ago at this time there were 40 of us working on Fab. Today we are selling in 20 countries and Fab now has nearly 400 team members worldwide, with offices in New York, Berlin, London, Pune, and Deinze. We plan to bring Fab to many more countries in the future.

To our sisters and brothers in the UK: Welcome to Fab! You make us smile.

Smile, you’re designed to.

The Fab Team

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