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Fab & Quirky Present: An Exclusive iPhone 5 Event

Fab and the Quirky community have teamed up to design and develop a new line of Apple iPhone 5 accessories and rapidly bring them to market.

How fast? Fab fast.

Submit and vote on designs today and start buying the best ones in just 1 week!


1 buttonSubmit Ideas & Vote. 

Head to Quirky to vote for your favorite iPhone 5 accessory designs. Voting will start Wednesday at3pm ET, and end Thursday at 6pm ET. Have an idea? Submit your design!

2 buttonBuy on Fab

Next Wednesday, 9/19, Fab will launch an exclusive Fab & Quirky sale featuring the most popular iPhone 5 accessory ideations.

3 buttonSmile!

Fresh off the assembly line, your Fab & Quirky exclusive iPhone accessory designs will be delivered to your door, just in time for your equally fresh iPhone 5. Smile!

Who’s Quirky? They’re The Guys Who Make Stuff Like This.

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