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Introducing the Completely Re-Imagined Fab Mobile App for iPhone & iPad.

Introducing the completely re-imagined Fab mobile apps for iPhone & iPad.

We just reinvented mobile shopping. Again. Again.

We first introduced Fab’s mobile apps on October 15, 2011. Nearly 1 year later, those apps now contribute 33% of Fab’s daily visits and 33% of Fab’s daily sales.

That’s not good enough. We envision a day in the near future when mobile shopping amounts to more than 50% of Fab’s revenue.

To get there, our team re-imagined what mobile shopping could be. And, we started over. 6 months ago we took a from-scratch approach to mobile, challenging ourselves to rethink and re-imagine the Fab experience from the ground-up as if it was designed entirely with the mobile shopper in mind.

The result is the all new Fab apps. We hope they’ll make you smile. As always, we’re still just getting started; there’s much more Fab mobile innovation to come. But, oh wow, what a beautiful fresh start this is.

The new Fab apps are now available in the iTunes App Store. And, for the first time, the Fab apps are also available to Fab shoppers in 24 countries across Europe, in English and German language.

The New Fab iPad Experience.

As the late great Eva Zeisel noted: The best design just gets out of the way.

Fab iPad: German Language.

Fab iPad. Social Shopping On The Go.

Fab iPad. Redesigned Navigation Panel.

Fab iPad. Find Your Favorite Category.

Fab iPad. Search From 10,000 Everyday Design Products.

Fab iPad. Quick Views from the New Browse Bar.

Fab iPad. The Calendar. Re-Imagined.

Fab iPhone. iPhone 5 Optimized.

Fab iPhone. Innovative On-Screen Navigation Icons.

Fab iPhone. Social Shopping On The Go.

Bring Some Color Into Your Life, With Fab.

Smile, you’re designed to.

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