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Hurricane Sandy & Fab. Wednesday October 31, 2012.

Here’s a short update on Fab and Hurricane Sandy, as of 4pm on October 31, 2012.

  • Fab’s offices in the West Village remain closed due to no electricity. It looks like it will likely be until Monday at earliest before power is restored.

  • Fab’s warehouses in New Jersey remain closed due to no electricity. It looks like it will likely be until Monday before power is restored to these facilities as well. In the meantime our teams are receiving shipments as best possible, but we are not able to ship out orders until electricity and our order processing systems are restored.  We promise to ship out orders as quickly as humanly possible once power is restored.

  • Fab’s NYC team members are opening their homes to those without electricity. 1/3 of our team does not have power and many of our team members are staying with each other and getting together to work on keeping Fab going.

    12 Fab team members huddled around my kitchen table today. It felt like the early days of the company - we started this company around my kitchen table. 

    A bunch more met at the offices of Zelkova Ventures today, one of our earliest investors.

  • Our team enabled 1000+ new products to go live on Fab today. We’ll do the same tomorrow, the next day and every day. The show must go on.
  • We’re also pushing forward with Fab’s Holiday Shops. They will go live tomorrow, Thursday November 1st at 9am, as always scheduled. The Fab Holiday Shops will feature affordable everyday designs for everyone on your list. We’ll also be launching new social features and some user experience enhancements at the same time.

  • Thank you so much to all of Fab’s team members for your resilience during these challenging times. You are an inspiration.

  • Thank you so much to all of Fab’s customers for your support during these challenging time. You are an inspiration. 

    Here’s an awesome photo a bunch of Fab shoppers from Facebook’s offices sent us today, decked out in their Fab-bought animal tees. You make us smile.


Fab exists for one simple reason: To make people smile. In these challenging times, a smile goes a long way. We’re pushing so hard to keep our business going because that’s what we do: we make people smile. 

Smile, you’re designed to. 

The Fab Team.

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