The Fab Holiday Shops. Even in tough times, it helps to smile. Grand Opening today.

Turning The Page From Sandy.

This year, as the holidays approach, it’s difficult to be festive when millions are digging out from Hurricane Sandy. At Fab, we hope that you and yours are safe and sound.

We’ve been fortunate that none of our employees have suffered any major injuries, but we are still digging out from the mess.

Here’s what one Fab Designer wrote us:

“I am sorry to inform you that due to the hurricane we had major damages to our Mainfreight Warehouse in Elisabeth, NJ. It has been closed for 2 days and today they went back to work and the offices are destroyed and the warehouse roof is half down. They informed me just now that they have to wait until Monday to tell me for sure how big is the damage and the authorities have to inspect the place to see if the workers can enter. 

And, here’s what one Fab team member has gone through:

I live in North Bergen, NJ and had 2 windows blown out (bedroom is still soaked) and power knocked out for a couple days. Late Monday night, my dogs and I were sprayed directly in the face by a skunk and with no power, you can image how the past couple days have been. Our power is now back on but my throat and eyes are still swollen and apartment smells, um…terrible. It doesn’t help that the cold air is still blowing in from the 2 windows that were blown in from my apartment. 

Anyways, our power is now back on and I consider myself lucky. I am alive and well, just cold and smell like a skunk.

We’ve got dozens of stories like this from employees and suppliers alike. Our team members in Hoboken and out on Long Island were particularly hard hit.
But, we’re all safe and accounted for. That’s what matters.

Our Fab offices are still closed due to our losing electricity during the hurricane but we’re a resilient bunch — we’re not going to allow that to get in our way.

  Here’s some holiday cheer to put you in the spirit. 

Even in tough times, it helps to smile. We’re all designed to—more than ever.

Announcing the Fab 2012 Holiday Shops.  

Affordable Everyday Design for Everyone on Your List.



This year Fab’s featuring thousands of our favorite designs of 2012, all in-stock, and ready to ship in 1 to 3 days.

The Fab Holiday Shops are packaged into easily discoverable groups to make finding that perfect gift easier than ever:

And, Introducing A New, More Social, and More Holiday-Festive Fab Experience.

The homepage gets a complete remodeling for the holidays.

The Holiday Shops are added to the top navigation bar, top-left 1st position.

The redesigned Search Bar enables quick access to search from more than 10,000 designed products on Fab.

The redesigned Sub-Navigation provides 1-click easy access to the top categories of products on Fab.

The new Holiday Shops bar provides easy iPad-like horizontal scrolling through the holiday shops via the homepage.

The new Social Strip provides a constantly updating feed of the most recently trending activity on Fab. This takes the best of the Fab Live Feed - one of the most popular features of Fab - and integrates it right into the core Fab experience. The Social Strip shows the recent activity with high velocity of actions based on what people are buying, favoriting, sharing on Facebook, Pinning, and Tweeting. To-date we’ve seen that people who visit the Fab Live Feed convert to purchasers twice as often. We’re now taking the Live Feed and integrating it into the core Fab experience.


While these changes and improvements to the Fab experience were launched special for the holidays, expect to see them evolving even more as we head into 2013.

From our Fab family to you and yours: Happy Holidays.
It has been a privilege and a pleasure to be there for you this year. Thus far in 2012 Fab has grown from 1.5 million customers to 9 million, serving design lovers in 26 countries, and selling 4 products per minute. We’re hopeful that we’ve been able to brighten your lives and make you smile. This has been a tough week for us here at Fab in NYC, but we’re still smiling. Big time.

Smile, you’re designed to.

The Fab team.


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