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Friday November 2, 2012. Fab’s Warehouse is Getting Back Online. Fab Team Members Still Digging Out.

Update as of 4pm on Friday November 2, 2012.

To say this has been a tough week would be a huge understatement. 

About 1/3 of our employees lost power at home. Some of our team members suffered damages to their homes and property. Our offices and our warehouses lost power. But, thankfully everyone in the Fab Family is safe. And, we banded together in shared homes and makeshift offices to keep things going.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was impacted by these tragic events. 

Our NYC offices will hopefully be open again on Monday. Power is expected to be restored all over Manhattan this weekend.

Our team members in parts of Long Island and New Jersey are not as fortunate. For some, it will still take many more days, weeks, and even months for some to recover.

I leave you this week with a couple of images of Fab at the end of a tough week.

First, here are two pictures from ‘The Rack’ - Fab’s Warehouse in New Jersey. We just got a generator hooked up and a huge backlog of product shipments are starting to move out of our warehouse and towards our customers’ homes.

John Wu, our SVP of Logistics writes:

We are up with 5 ship stations connected to a small generator.  The one from CT blew…will try to fix.  Probably get a few hundred orders out tonight….but getting dark.  UPS may not pick up (we called - they said they need to find drivers)….we will drive the packages over ourselves if needed.

The team moved mountains to get us here….very proud.
It’s dark in the Rack as full power isn’t restored yet, but we’re up and working again now!

We’ll have fully power to our warehouse restored by EOD Monday (hopefully) and then we’ll be back in business entirely.

By Tuesday we expect to be able to say with certainty that all Fab holiday gifts will ship in 1 to 3 days.

And then, the other side of things. A picture from Rockaway, New York.

Jonathan Kuhn, Fab’s Crackerjacks Trainer, is just one of several of our Fab team members whose homes have suffered severe damage from Hurricane Sandy.

Jonathan writes:

I live right on the beach in Rockaway. Thankfully, the interior of my apartment was not damaged. However, the building, and surrounding buildings were torn torn to shit.
Currently, I have no power, gas, water, heat, or cell phone / land line service, and no way to get to or from my home. The most recent update I have is that my building will need to be totally evacuated until December at least. 

From Fab’s Family to you and yours: Smile, you’re designed to — even in these tough times.

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