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Fab Launches on Facebook Gifts - It’s Never Been Easier To Send Everyday Design Gifts To Your Friends

Just in time for the holidays, Fab is teaming up with Facebook to provide a wide range of Fab-curated and Fab-fulfilled everyday design gifts that you can easily send to your Facebook friends on Facebook.

We just took part if Facebook’s big Holiday Gifts launch event at FAO Schwarz in NYC.

This holiday season Fab will be offering dozens of Fab-curated and Fab-fulfilled gifts on Facebook.

The Facebook Gifts flow is really easy.

  1. Find a friend. 

  2. Click on the new Gift icon on their Facebook Timeline. 

  3. Pick a gift to send them. There’s a great assortment — including lots of Fab products.

  4. The best part is you don’t even need to know your Facebook Friend’s shipping address. Facebook sends them a message asking them to claim their gift. You friend simply enters their own shipping information and a couple of days later they receive your gift to them, fulfilled by Fab.

Fab is honored to have been selected by Facebook to participate in their Holiday 2012 Gifts launch. We’re hopeful that this will be a great benefit to gifters this holiday and beyond!

Smile, you’re designed to.

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