Data: Holidays 2012 Off To Super Strong Start vs. 2011, up 298%.

Strong demand for men’s hats and scarves, outerwear, digital prints, necklaces, unique novelty items, technology products, gadgets and mugs and glasses as Holiday 2012 gifts has helped Fab, the place for everyday design, lift sales 298% from a year ago during the first 15 days of November.

  • Sales in the first 15 days of November 2012 averaged nearly $500k per day compared to $160k per day during the same period in 2011.

  • Fab has seen its overall conversion rate of visits to purchase grow by 50% from 4% to 6% during the first half of November 2012.

  • Mobile sales made up 33% of sales in the first half of November 2012, compared to 15% during the same period in 2011. iPhone and iPad sales hit record levels during the first 15 days of November 2012.
  • Average order value has increased by more than 10% daily since Fab introduced Free Shipping on all orders above $75, now a permanent feature.

  • Sales from repeat buyers — people who had purchased from Fab before — amounted to more than 60% of 2012 holiday sales so far. 

  • Sales specifically from Fab’s 2012 Holiday Shop — a curated selection of our favorite 600 gifts —  are up 400% vs. Holiday Shop sales at this time one year ago.

The Top 10 Breakout Hit Gifts of 2012:

  1. Beardo - Fake Facial Hair Accessories.


  2. Skip N’ Whistle - Smart Saucy Seasonal Wear.


  3. Nespresso - Gourmet Espresso Makers


  4. Muk Luks- Plush Women’s Slippers And Boots.


  5. Vintage Kantha Sari Quilts From India.


  6. Lifelike Big Face Animal Tees - The Mountain Corp.

  7. Urban Aviary - Absolute Gems.

  8. Creature Cups.


  9. - Touchscreen Gloves.


  10. The Unemployed Philosophers Guild- Hilarious Pillboxes, Mugs & More.


And here’s a graph summarizing top sales by category so far.


Asked to comment, Fab’s CEO Jason Goldberg (that’s me!) said: 

Smile, you’re designed to.

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