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LivingSocial & Fab Partner For Holiday Gifts. @fab @livingsocial

I’m thrilled to announce that LivingSocial and Fab have teamed up for the Holidays!

Fab is curating a special collection of top design gifts on LivingSocial. The Fab-curated design gifts are being featured starting today to LivingSocial’s 24 million members in the United States. 50 Fab products just went live on LivingSocial and another 50 will be added next week. More to follow.

This is a perfect partnership between two similar brands. LivingSocial is all about helping people discover great experiences that enrich their lives. Fab is all about helping people discover great designs that make them smile. We could not be more excited by the brand-fit and potential here.

All of the Fab products on LivingSocial are in-stock in Fab’s warehouse and ready to ship immediately.

LivingSocial will be promoting Fab’s products via email and on-site, as seen here.

We could not be more excited about partnering with LivingSocial to bring Fab’s curation to their large and highly engaged customer base.

Smile, you’re designed to.

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