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Social & Black Friday - Cyber Monday

At least 25% of Fab’s record breaking Black-Friday - Cyber Monday sales can be traced back to social sources.

Facebook is far and away the biggest such contributor. About 20% of Fab’s revenue from this period came from users who originally joined Fab via Facebook.

Here is a list of the top social traffic sources to Fab during Black-Friday to Cyber-Monday. Note: this list that follows is of social traffic referrals during these 4 days, not revenue generated. We are not disclosing revenue from social sources beyond the 20% from FB at this point.

Black Friday - Cyber Monday social traffic to Fab:

  • 65% of all social traffic came from Facebook.
  • 20% came from Pinterest.
  • 5% came from Twitter.
  • 1% came from Coolhunting.
  • .5% came from svvply.
  • .3% came from Apartment Therapy.
  • .3% came from Reddit.
  • .3% came from this blog, betashop. Woohoo!
  • And then a very long tail of referrals.
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    traffic originating from social will be majority for publishers, commerce, etc soon if not already….
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    Rafer sez: So, did Twitter deliver 0%...as IBM reported or do you believe Fab like I do?
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