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When Does The Holiday Season End For E-Commerce Companies?

Coming on the heels of our 3rd million dollar sales day (yesterday), and our second consecutive $6M week, you can imagine that we here at Fab want to do everything possible to extend the holiday season as long as possible.

Which begs the question: When doe the holiday season end for E-Commerce companies? That is, when do consumers give up on the hope of buying online and getting it in time for xmas?

Last year Fab’s sales peaked around Black Friday - Cyber Monday and then fell off a cliff around December 17th as we just couldn’t guarantee to ship products fast enough.


This year, thanks to a huge product assortment (14,000 products vs. 2000), 75% of which are in inventory and able to ship in 1 to 3 days anywhere in the country, we’re extending the holiday peaks into December and we plan to keep it going all the way up until December 21st.

Over the past few days we are literally shipping out orders within just a couple of hours of them being placed. That’s an amazing experience.


Fab customers this year will be able to order products all the way up until December 19th and still get it in time for xmas using our standard FREE Shipping, and all the way up until December 21st using our expedited shipping options.

Simply put: That’s Fab!

And, we’re not stopping then either. We’ve got big things in store for xmas day itself and for the week between xmas and New Years.

Oh, and Valentines is just around the corner…

Smile, you’re designed to.

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