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Introducing Fullscreen Fab: E-Commerce Innovation @Fab Speed

Just a few days ago, Fast Company magazine named Fab the #5 most innovative company in the world, for “evolving into the destination for design wares” and for leading the industry in e-commerce user experience. 

Our reaction was: Holy shit. Yeah, we’re growing super fast at Fab (sales up more than 500% in 2012 over 2011), but we’re also a humble bunch and we know that we’re just at the very beginning of a long long Fab journey.

#5 most innovative company in the world? Those are some big shoes to fill! But, we are thankful that it’s a recognition of our constant rethinking and re-imagining of the e-commerce user experience.

So, we decided to whip up some quick innovation to show the world what e-commerce innovation looks like at Fab speed.

Just a few days ago we brainstormed an idea to create a “fullscreen” way to browse Fab on the web. The idea was to enable users to swipe iPad-like on the web through Fab’s products in fullscreen image mode, turning Fab into your very own design magazine.

From idea to hackathon to Ship It! in just a few days, I’m thrilled to announce that we have just launched V1 of Fab Fullscreen to all of Fab’s members globally. The entire project took just a few days.

Here’s how it works.

To Launch Fab Fullscreen: From any list of products on Fab, just click on the two red expand arrows in the top right corner of the product image.

Here are a 2 examples:

1. With help tip.


2. Standalone.

That will then launch Fab Fullscreen.

Fab Fullscreen enables you to browse products on Fab in large image format. The entire screen focuses on the large product image. All other features and navigation of Fab fade to the back.

You can easily browse through our entire catalogue just with a click of the right or left arrows.

See something you like? Click the heart to add it to your favorites. This adds the product to your bookmarks of favorite Fab products, for you to save for later and for you to share with the world.

We’ve also added a recommendations sidebar to Fab FullScreen: “You Might Also Like.” This presents similar products based on an algorithm that calculates what Fab’s members who purchased or faved the product you are looking at also purchased and favorited. 


We are hopeful that Fab’s members will enjoy this latest innovation from Fab. For us, internally, it was a great exercise in going from idea to live product enhancements in just a few days.

We’ll be adding more features and enhancements to Fab Fullscreen in the coming days and weeks.

And, yes, we are just getting started.

Expect even more innovations from Fab regularly. We are constantly rethinking and re-imagining the e-commerce experience.

Smile, you’re designed to. 


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