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Putting Customers First. @Fab Auto-Opts People Out Of Emails They Don’t Read.

At Fab we are constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience.

One thing that we’ve observed over the last 18 months is that a very small and decreasing percentage of our visits to Fab each day come from our emails announcing our newest arrivals. Meanwhile, traffic to Fab continues to grow. What’s replaced email is mobile, social, and organic visits.  On any given day 1/3 of our visits from from our mobile apps, 20% from social sources, and most of the rest organic; people typing fab.com into their web browser.

So, today, we put customers first and unopened emails last, and we decided to uniformly opt people out of emails they don’t open. Over 2 million Fab members received the following email today.

We’ll continue to opt people out of Fab emails they don’t open. Especially when we see people increasingly coming to Fab through other channels they prefer more.

It’s the right thing to do. 

Subject: Stop. Getting. So. Many. Emails. Smile, you’re designed to.

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