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Bye. Bye. Daily Flash Sales. @Fab Introduces Following. Follow What You Love.

Starting today, Fab is no longer sending daily flash-sales emails.

Instead, we are introducing Following.


It’s really simple: Follow the stuff that excites you.

We’ll personalize your Fab experience on-site based on what you follow.

We’ll also only send you notifications when there are new arrivals of the stuff you follow, and you’re in complete control of how you hear from us.

We’ll start today by enabling Fab’s customers to follow departments (like Furniture). Shortly thereafter Fab customers will be able to follow designers and specific topics (like photography). Users will have full control over how they hear from Fab about the stuff they follow: Via emails and mobile push notifications.

These changes begin rolling out on Fab Europe at 8am CET and then in Fab North America at 8am ET. These changes plus many more new features hit the Fab mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android soon.

Follow what you love.


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