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Anemic Holiday Shopping Season? Off To A Solid Start @Fab

Analysts have been saying that this year will see weak holiday shopping.

Things are actually off to a solid start here at Fab.

I’m curious what other ecommerce companies are experiencing.

This last week at Fab we experienced four of our busiest days ever — and we saw Fab’s customers buying more items per order than they ever have before. It’s an overwhelming problem that we’re happy to have.

The reason?  A few.

First, consumer lifestyle magazines stuffed with Holiday Gift Guides are in inboxes and mailboxes all over America and tens of thousands of people are already starting their holiday shopping on Fab.  Fab gift ideas are featured in the December issues of InStyle, Redbook, Seventeen, Marie Claire, Latina, Real Simple, Ladies Home Journal and Design Bureau and more.


Here are some quick links to the products showcased in these pubs:

We also decided Black Friday sounded too ominous so last Friday we started our own color event: a promotion-packed Color Countdown, where every day featured new gift ideas at stellar prices. It was a HUGE hit, resulting in the four of the busiest days at Fab, ever.

We’re pleased as punch (yeah, I actually just wrote that) and we hope the recipients of your gifts from Fab will be as well.

Finally, if you haven’t yet started your Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas shopping yet, not to worry. We still have tons of gift ideas for each occasion and every possible friend type and relation. And from now through the end of the year Fab will continue to pack our site with promotions, which will change daily. Check back each day for new arrivals and new opportunities to secure great gifts at great prices.

Here are some quick gift lists to help you get started:








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