Fab.com Celebrity Blastoff: Ashton Kutcher vs. Kevin Rose

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Last week we enabled Ashton Kutcher (7,309,684 Twitter followers) and Kevin Rose (1,261,376 Twitter followers) to each blast out to their followers a special invite link to Fab.com:  http://fab.com/aplusk and http://fab.com/kr.  

Each link provided for $10 instant credit for anyone who signed up using the link.  

Both links went out on July 26 and were only valid until the end of the day on July 27.

Let’s see how both links performed in the first Fab.com Celebrity Blastoff:  Ashton Kutcher vs. Kevin Rose.

1. First, we look at the sheer number of users who joined directly via each link.

Both celebrity contestants performed extremely well for a 2-days works.

  • Ashton’s link resulted in 5,888 signups (0.08% of followers)
  • Kevin’s link resulted in 4,356 signups (.3% of followers)


2. Then, we examine how many downstream subscribers joined from their links. This counts not just the people who joined directly from the link, but also the people who have joined via those people’s viral invites.  This is a better measure of the total subscriber value of Ashton’s and Kevin’s links.

Both celebrity contestants’ have resulted in good downstream virality after 1 week.

  • Ashton’s link resulted in 6,607 total signups, meaning 719 additional members on top of those who initially joined, for 12.2% virality.
  • Kevin’s link resulted in 5,503 total signups, meaning 1147 additional members on top of those who initially joined, for a whopping 26% virality after 1 week.


3.  Third, we looked at Orders.

  • Ashton stormed out to a lead on day 1 with 43 orders, but has since peaked at 75 orders.
  • Meanwhile, Kevin’s peeps have been ordering and ordering and ordering, growing from 30 orders on day 1 to 158 orders a week later. 


4.  Revenue.  

Here’s where Kevin really broke out in front.

  • After 1 week, Ashton’s link has resulted in $2,183 in revenue
  • After 1 week, Kevin’s link has resulted in $7,121 in revenue
  • image

5.  And, finally, the cohort analysis.

The cohort analysis looks at the average revenue generated by purchasers on their 1st day, 2nd day, 3rd day, etc. since joining Fab.com, based on the day they first joined. (One interesting note here is that while both links expired on July 27 in terms of providing $10 credit, people were still able to join after the 27th using the links just that they didn’t get free credits when joining).

  • Ashton’s cohorts show a steady increase each day since joining.

  • Kevin’s cohorts show a more dramatic upward slope.


So, what did we learn after 1 week?

  • After 1 week, Kevin Rose’s invites have resulted in more orders for Fab.com — at least initially.

  • Ashton delivered more total users, while Kevin’s users have had higher viral rates, higher orders, and better daily revenue growth amongst cohorts.

  • It must be noted that outside of this 1 little experiment, Ashton Kutcher has driven tens of thousands of new Fab.com membership that have resulted in thousands and thousands of sales.

  • We’ll update the stats again in a few weeks to see how the numbers evolve over a month.  The entire story could change as more of Ashton’s invites start to purchase, and as both contestant’s invites make repeast purchases.

Of course, we’re just super thankful that both Ashton and Kevin have been so helpful for Fab.com.  And, we have great hope that all of the people they invited will ultimately become longtime customers of Fab.com.

Questions?  Comments?  Thoughts?  Feedback appreciated.

Oh, and here’s a special unique invite link to join, with $12 credit:
We’ll track that one too.  (link is valid for new Fab.com signups until August 30, 2011)

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