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Fab.com Further Integrates Social Commerce With Inspiration Wall V2

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s news that Fab.com is the fastest growing flash sale website on the planet, growing 800% the past 2 months, we’re launching a new social offensive today with Version 2 of the Fab.com Inspiration Wall.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I encourage you to check out this video released last night, in which I discuss how we launched the Fab.com Inspiration Wall — a public social mood board for sharing design inspirations — long before we launched the sales on our site because we believe that social is at the core of the Fab.com experience.

We believe that people love sharing their latest design inspirations and we are committed to giving them the tools to do so, and to further innovating on the integration of social and commerce, and making social sharing a core component of Fab.com.

We’re also announcing today that Fab.com has reached nearly 500,000 members, up from 400,000 just 15 days ago, and we know that social is the key to that growth as more than 50% of all new Fab.com members daily come from social shares via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google Plus, and email.

And today, with Version 2 of the Fab.com Inspiration Wall, we’re taking social integration on Fab.com even further.

Here’s what’s new today:

1. We’ve added two new buttons to each product page, a Favorite Button, and  Comment Button.


Clicking the “add to favorites” heart does just that, it adds any product you see for sale on Fab.com to your favorites.

2. The 1st person to Fave a product for sale on Fab.com adds that product to the Inspiration Wall.


3. Once the design has been added to the Inspiration Wall, we now also show there who else has favorited the design, along with other images they have recently faved or added.

4. Key information about the product is automatically brought over to the inspiration wall when it is faved, including: The description, tags, sharing options, and counts of how many times it has been viewed, faved, and commented on.

5. As part of this release, Fab.com members now get a public profile which shows all their design inspiration favorites — added and favorited.


Here’s my Fab.com favorites:

7. Finally, one feature our users have asked for over and over was to be able to easily show their friends pictures of the items they purchased on Fab.com, after the sale has ended.  You ask for it, we deliver.  Fab.com members can now click on the image of any product they’ve ordered to view that product on the inspiration wall.

8. Oh, and as a special promotion with today’s launch, we’re offering a $5 free credit whenever any Fab.com member uploads their first picture of an item they purchased from Fab.com to the Inspiration Wall.

As noted, we’re really committed to this social stuff and to being the leader in integration of social + commerce.  Much, much more to come.

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